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Install Libpng12 on Debian10

·1 min

Dear cisco, why the fuck are you still using libpng12 for packettracer????

I finally decided to continue studying for my CCNA. But when I installed packettracer7 on my Debian 10 machine I got an error.

Installing Packettracer on Debian 10 Buster gives the error: //“./PacketTracer7: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”//

Debian 10 doesn’t have libpng1.2 in its repository, in fact libpng1.2 is outdated. The current version of libpng is libpng16 (1.6). Packettracer7.2 uses libpng12 (1.2), so we need to compile it from source.

Download libpng-1.2.59.tar.gz from

Uncompress the file with gzip:

gunzip libpng-1.2.38.tar.gz

Extract the file:

tar xf libpng-1.2.38.tar

Compile libpng:

./configure –prefix=/usr/local (This will install the files under the /usr/local )
sudo make install

Move into /usr/local/bin and copy the file to the packettracer installation folder (default location: /opt/pt/bin)

now you can start Packettracer7.2