August 2, 2022

New PGP key 🔐

Hello there, long time no see. Just here to say that my PGP key changed. Find it on

January 31, 2022

Upgrade AKS Basic loadbalancer to a Standard loadbalancer

When you created an AKS cluster in the past, Azure automatically created a Basic load balancer with it. Now Azure offers two kinds of load balancers. A Basic load balancer and a Standard load balancer. There are a bunch of differences between the two load balancers. I will not get into the differences in this post. You can compare the two load balancers here For some reason it is not possible to upgrade an AKS cluster with a Basic load balancer easily to the standard load balancer. Read more

January 6, 2022

Build VSCodium for Apple Silicon

VSCodium is a build of Microsoft’s VSCode without the proprietary and non free binaries. I have been using VSCodium for some time on Fedora linux for some time but I recently got my self a M1Macbook and wanted to install VSCodium on it but apparently there is no official package for it yet. Since VSCodium is free software we can compile it our self! First make sure that you have brew installed (brew. Read more

December 26, 2021

Setup Raid-1 On Linux

Today I decided to setup my HP Proliant server that has been collecting dust for some time now. The server has five drives of which one SSD for boot and four 2TB harddrives. I will be using two of the four harddrives to setup raid-1. The server is running on Ubuntu 20.04 but this commands should work on any other distro. First we need to install ‘mdadm’ Ubuntu/Debian: sudo apt install mdadm Fedora/CentOS: sudo dnf install mdadm Arch: pacman -Sy mdadm Now lets check when the harddrives are located with lsblk. Read more

December 16, 2021

Get Terraform Provider Template Working on Apple Silicon

Today I tried to create a Terraform plan on the MacOS, running on Apple Silicon (M1). Just as usual I installed Terraform with brew but after running ’terraform init’ I got this error: Provider does not have a package available for your current platform, darwin_arm64. So it looks like that brew doesn’t have a build for the silicon… Apparently itis very easy to solve this issue. You need to compile the binary your self with Go. Read more

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