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About me


My name is Ilias (pronounced: e-lee-ass). By day I’m an engineer, whose expertise and passion lies in infra-development, infra-administration, software-development and infrastructure setup (clusters, cloud). I’m currently fulltime employed as a DevOps Engineer and part of a Linux Infra Team. But I’m also a freelancer and I’m open to paid consulting if you need some kind of expertise I have. Please contact me if you have an interesting offer.

On a more personal note:

I strongly believe that freedom of individuals is the most important value. This implies e.g. ability for individuals to make choices as to whom they want to entrust with various aspects of their lives. I’m a big proponent of free-software (also known as open source software), digital privacy and security.

Besides doing what I do best, by night I like to develop software, contribute to FOSS projects, read books, learn new things and watch crime shows. I can appreciate ideas and work of people who I might be otherwise despising as human beings. Ideas, science and technology have no morality. Many people don’t seem to understand that.

If you’re here, not because I gave you a business card or resume, but of your own accord, congrats! You win a big prize! Just send your name, address, and phone number to trashcan[at] I’ll get right back to you.