Youtube-dl vs. Copyright Censorship

The Youtube-dl repository, a popular tool used by many, was suddenly removed from Github a few hours ago. The reason? The greedy cunts from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) requested a ‘DMCA takedown’ claiming that the code in the README was being used to download copyrighted music and videos. They believe this software enables copyright infringement.

But let’s be realistic, even if some people do use this software to download copyrighted content, it’s quite audacious for them to try and remove a free software that has already been downloaded and shared by thousands of people. This action serves as a reminder of the importance of hosting your own code and digital files.

Like many others, I have already downloaded the source code and I intend to continue using the software for my personal purposes, including downloading copyrighted material. The removal of the repository by the RIAA does not deter me from utilizing a tool that has been widely embraced and supported by countless individuals. Despite their attempts to restrict access, I remain committed to exercising my freedom to utilize this software as I see fit.

Welcome to this new era where the battle is fought not on the ground but in the digital realm. It’s a conflict between regular individuals and corporate giants. They possess money, power, and an insatiable appetite for control, while we rely on our resilience, collective strength, and unwavering belief in the freedom of the internet. The war has just begun.

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